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Trust Your Smile to a Dentist Who Cares as Much as You

Dr. Amy loves her patients and wants each patient to have an excellent visit at every dentist visit. Our office prides itself on being judgement free. We understand not everyone has had an enjoyable visit at the dentist which ultimately results in anxiety. This anxiety holds patients back from receiving the dental care they need.

Dr. Amy not only educates her patients about the importance of oral health care but will create a plan for each patient that details step by step on how we can reach their smile goal. There is no judgement in our office. Whether you haven’t been seen by a dentist in 10 years or 6 months, all of our patients are treated like family.

We encourage our patients to provide information about what makes them comfortable. Dr. Amy wants each patient to have the smile they deserve, gain their confidence back and no longer stress about seeing a dentist.

Client Testimonials

"If I could give this place 100 stars I would! Doctor Amy Qian made me feel so comfortable and really explained to me my options when it came my oral health! The office staff are all very sweet and helpful and the office itself is beautiful and clean. I would recommend Bella Smiles to everyone! Looking forward to bring my family and friends here"

Christiana G.

"Went to Dr Qian she is truly experienced Dentist up to date technology she showed me inter oral pictures of my teeth and explained everything in detail to me while showing me. Dr. Qian and Michelle made my experience more comfortable after explaining things about my oral health. After having the experience I had with them I’m definitely will be going back to her and her amazing staff. The receptions Kelly was truly amazing as well she was very nice spoken and went over everything with in details about my insurance plus treatment that needed to be done. I would recommend Bella Smiles to my family and friends. I sent the ladies flowers for an awesome job"

Scott P.

"Bella Smiles is anything but ordinary. From the moment I walked in I was welcomed with a beaming smile and warm decor. This beautiful office is only rivaled by the passionate, engaging and friendly staff that fill it. I came in a stranger and left feeling like old friends. The best decision you can make for your family is trusting their smiles to Dr. Amy Qian."

Ariana S.

"A Wonderful Dr. and staff very affordable for any Family .The Dr. Is with you for your cleaning. Love this place. They even do your wisdom teeth here that's if you need it done."

Kasmas D.

My wife and I went to Bella Smiles Dental today. We both agree that it was the best dental experience of our lives. The state-of-the-art equipment was amazing. Can’t say enough about Dr. Amy Qian, Michelle, and Kelly; they were so friendly, thorough, and professional. Thank you so much!"

Anthony H.

The office is the most technologically advanced dental office I have ever seen. Beautiful decor and super clean. The staff is accommodating, professional and very helpful. The dentist was very friendly, detailed in my exam and gave me great options for my oral surgery. I have sensitive teeth and have difficulty gettting numb which is no issue at this office. Great office, loved the staff and I will go back. Definitely recommend."

Patricia H.

"What a truly wonderful and comforting experience the team & staff offer at BellaSmiles. Taking my family for dental care and cleaning to Dr. Amy Qian & Dental Tech Michelle is one of our best transitions to the area. Thanks for your professionalism and expertise."

Michael R.

"Dr. Amy and team were so inviting, helpful and down right charming! They took time to explain everything to me thouroughly and made sure I felt confident about what was going on. Highly suggest going to see Dr. Amy!"

Julia W.

"This was the Best Dental Experience I’ve ever had. Dr. Amy Qian, Michelle and Kelly are very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. My family and I thank you for your wonderful service!!!"

Lakeia R.

"This dentist office is by far the best dentist I have taken my kids to, they are all so helpful and sweet."

Stephanie S.

"5 Star staff that’s ready to help you out in a heartbeat to get the smile you’ve always wanted from laughter and great work as well. Michelle and Dr. Amy are amazing !!"

Zion R.


9701 Harmon Rd #101

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