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Cutting Edge Technology for Your Comfort at Each Dentist Visit

From the moment you walk into Bella Smiles Dental, you will notice Dr. Amy has invested in the most advanced equipment and technology. Dr. Amy designed her practice with her patients comfort in mind. Dr. Amy knows not everyone has had the best experience at the dentist, so she designed her practice to ensure each patient is comfortable at every visit. Below are a few examples of the technology Dr. Amy has purchased for her patients.

Dental Chairs

Bella Smiles Dental is equipped with dental chairs that offer premium comfort. These chairs were designed to offer lumbar and neck support. The extra cushioning reduces pressure points that provide supreme comfort across the entire body. These chairs also allow movement with the natural motion of the patient. This keeps that patient from needing to readjust throughout the appointment.

Digital X-Rays

Did you know long-term exposure to film x-rays can be dangerous for your overall health? Dr. Amy has purchased the latest technology in x-ray’s to provide patients with 70% reduced radiation. It’s a common myth that radiation exposure from digital x-rays are harmful. Fun fact: standing outside in the sun for more than 20 minutes exposes you to more radiation than our x-rays do.  

Our Panoramic X-ray allows for a panoramic view of your mouth. Dr. Amy also utilizes a Cone Beam which allows 3-Dimensional images of your mouth, soft tissue, nerves and bone. This allows for Dr. Amy to create a more detailed treatment plan.

Call our office for more information regarding our x-ray units.

Dental Digital X-Rays

Laser Dentistry

Our office is happy to announce the purchase of a dental laser equipment and Dr. Amy has completed a continuing education certification in laser dentistry.

Our laser system is the best laser in dentistry according to many dental professionals.

The dental laser system used in our office quickly earned widespread industry acclaim and highly respected technology and innovation awards. Its patent represents an important technological advancement, improving the laser's interaction with dental tissues for optimized patient comfort, speed and clinical results.

What sets Bella Smiles Dental apart from the rest is our cutting-edge technology. Our laser replaces needles, drills, and some hand-pieces. This laser is used in the following procedures;

  • Conservative Dentistry
  • Endodontics
  • Periodontics
  • Soft-Tissue Surgery
  • Implantology
  • Aesthetic Treatment
  • Anesthetic
  • Photobiomodulation

The advanced laser system we use is less stressful and minimizes discomfort and bleeding in all procedures. It also allows for reduced appointment times and affordability.

Call our office for more information.

Environmentally Friendly

Our practice cares about the footprint it leaves on this Earth. We strive to be environmentally responsible and do our part to preserve our beautiful neighborhood, and the natural environment in Texas.


We use electronic documents everywhere possible. This allows for reduced paper. A lot of offices state that they are paperless, but they are really only “Chartless”.  Our patient forms, consents, financing, receipts, and communications are all digital. Using tablets, you can review and sign any necessary forms. We can send your copies via secure, HIPAA compliant encrypted emails.

Mercury Free

We keep mindful of environmental elements that have potential for harm. Our fillings are tooth colored and contain no metal or mercury. Our crowns are high quality zirconia (beautiful and ~10x stronger than your tooth's own enamel). Our low radiation digital x-rays allow us to avoid chemical developers. Dental instruments are re-used after autoclave sterilization with high pressure and steam (saving water and reducing chemical use).


As you know, recycling helps the environment. At Bella Smiles Dental, we do our part to recycle anything we can. We are cognizant how recycling saves energy, and reduces Green House gas which help reduce climate change.


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